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At NCC, our attention is focused on your child, who is known and valued as an individual by staff members who care passionately about the overall well-being of each of our students. Here at NCC, all our teaching staff are trained in and responsible for pastoral care.

Many of our staff have been at NCC for a number of years, and this has contributed to the consistent quality of Christian education that we have provided for more than 40 years. Our teachers are highly qualified, with many having post-graduate qualifications in their speciality areas.

Our staff form a rich tapestry of talent committed to the Christian values and mission of the school. They are the ones responsible for creating the environment that has led to “NCC all the way” for many families.

You are welcome to book in for a tour through our College Registrar and come along and see for yourself.

We are delighted to introduce you to our wonderful team at NCC.

Executive Management

Geoff van der Vliet

B.Sc, Grad. Dip. Ed

Executive Principal

Geoff has been a member of staff since 1988 and appointed Executive Principal in 2018 after holding previous leadership roles of Head of Senior School, College Deputy Principal and Head of Middle School. A member of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA), Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (USA), Qld School Sport Life Member, Qld School Sport Management Group and former state and national coach and president of Australian School Surfing Association, including a member of School Sport Australia Secondary Management Group.

Brad Elliott


Head of Senior School

Brad joined ̶Ƶin the middle of 2000 as one of the Industrial Technology and Design (INTAD) teachers, where he taught for the next five years. During this time, Brad was appointed the roles of Acting Head of INTAD and also as a Head of House for many years.

In 2005, Brad accepted the call to head to Blue Hills College (NSW) to be their Deputy Principal for 12 months, returning to NCC from the beginning of 2006 as the Head of Senior School. This position he currently holds.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Education from Avondale University College in 1990, Brad has been in education for his entire working life. Brad has worked over 20 of those years at NCC. Prior to coming to NCC, Brad worked for Catholic Education in Sydney, and for Education Queensland at Beerwah State High.

In addition to his current roles at NCC, Brad is a member of the Board of Directors for Seventh-Day Adventist Schools, South Queensland.

Chris Spencer

B.A (English and Linguistics), Grad. Dip. Ed

Head of Middle School

Chris became Head of Middle School at NCC at the beginning of 2021.  Chris was the Director of PLC Pathways for the previous four years in his hometown of Armidale, NSW. An experienced English, ESL and History teacher, Chris’ experiences include being the English Coordinator at The Armidale School, Year Advisor and Boys’ Advisor at Duval High School and Assistant Chaplain at William Clarke College. Chris has also spent time teaching in the UK and travelling overseas.

Kylie Baker

B.Ed, M.Ed

Head of Junior School

Kylie completed her Bachelor of Education degree (Primary) in 1999 at QUT and has taught in both the private and state sectors, including a brief stint in the United States of America.  Kylie joined ̶Ƶin 2008 and has completed a variety of roles including Classroom Teacher, Learning Enrichment Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Acting Deputy of the Junior School.

Kylie completed her Masters of Leadership and Management in Education at the University of Newcastle in 2020 and enjoyed the rigour of study and academic research.  Kylie is passionate about the importance of the foundational years of schooling and believes in supporting teachers to deliver programs and instruction that enable the formation of the whole child.

Ian Bloxham

CPA, Grad Dip Ed, B.Com.

Head of Business Operations

Ian graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1994 (Acc/Econ). After working for three years in the National Bank, Ian completed his Graduate Diploma of Education in 1998 (QUT). In 1999, Ian took up a position as a Business Teacher at Nambour Christian College, where he taught for 11 years. In September 2009, a hard decision was made to leave NCC and become the Business Manager in another independent school, which enabled Ian to complete his certified practising accountant qualification. In a K-6 Primary school, Ian had the opportunity to experience the inner workings of a primary school and kindergarten environment as a high school teacher. Having always missed NCC, it was wonderful in July 2022 to return to NCC.

Administration Staff
Office Administration

Ian Bloxham – Head of Business Operations
Sue Rowbury – Finance Manager
Gillian Cheyne – Head of People and Culture
Richelle Kerr – Assistant to Head of Business Operations
Stephen Dittman – Bus Operations Manager
Jenny Baudinette – Accounts Receivable
Tenille Peni-Hudson–Payroll Manager
Kaylene Jobling – Payroll Officer
Natalie Coldham – Accounts Officer
Lynnie Curtis – Receptionist

Enrolments & Marketing

Nicole Wykes – Director of Marketing
Mary Woollett – Registrar
Charlene Bekker – Events & Communications Officer

IT Support

Nick Moseley (Head of Technology), Daniel Gray, Gary Issell, Simon Issell, Sandy Schwarz, Billy Bartholomew, Catherine Little, Oliver Chilman


Brian Evans (Librarian), Chris Roberts, Jane Pocock, Linda King, Michelle Gill

Uniform Shop

Susan Greenham, Natalie Coldham, Pamela Holloway

School Administration

Ros Wadmore– Personal Assistant to Executive Principal
Emma Harry – Secretary to Heads of Middle & Senior Schools
Sue Moore – Middle & Senior School Administration Officer
Carolyn Kelb – College Events, Secondary Trips/Camps
Kerry-Ann Ditchburn – Middle & Senior School Student Receptionist
Meg Rienecker – Junior School Secretary
Stacey Kurvink – Junior School Receptionist
Mathew Greenham – Database Coordinator
Al Spencer – Administration Assistant
Keri Scordia – Administration Assistant
Kellyanne Cazeau– Instrumental Music Program Assistant
Amy Lester – CAPA Assistant
Rachael Griggs – Middle & Senior School Sport Admin Assistant
Liane Tollis – Junior School Sport Admin Assistant


David Cannon (Property Supervisor), Brian Williams, Paul Mustow, Russell Bartholomew, Barry Dennis

First Aid

Natalie Bartholomew (Middle & Senior), Tracy Scholte (Junior)

Junior School Staff

Kylie Baker – Head of Junior School
Peter Buchan – Deputy Head of Junior School
Jo Dutton – Teaching & Learning Coordinator Prep – Year 3
Annette Dougherty – Teaching & Learning Coordinator Years 4-6


Prep –  Sarah Lanham, Jamie Nagel, Sophya Spann
Year 1 – Helen Grant, Larissa Panzram
Year 2 – Shona Diggines, Sonya Sugg, Narelle Wales
Year 3 – Lisa Cowderoy, Leetice Doyle, Nick Panzram
Year 4 – Sarah Addison, Emma Buchanan-Jeffs, Rick Rogers
Year 5 – D-Jei Chapman, Karyn Modlin, Maddison Salisbury
Year 6 – Jon Broad, Lisa Crowther, Natasha Nevison, Matt Winter
Sport – Emily Perry
Music – Deb Smith
LOTE – Lee-anne Gordon (French)
Accelerated Student Coordinator – Bree Mitchell
Digital Literacy & Sport – Leonie Vaughan

Teacher Assistants

Hannah Bradshaw, Cara Thornton, Vicky Mellows

Learning Enrichment Centre

Lisa Massie (Head of Learning Enrichment), Julie Cooper, Amy Lester, Sandra Wiener,  Liz Burnett, Jana Crawford, Kelly Glover, Georgia McCracken, Brooke Tumes, Cassandra Villano, Sandra Dauer, Tracey Schlote (Learning Enrichment and Teacher Support Assistants)


Meg Rienecker – Secretary to Head of Junior School
Stacey Kurvink– Junior School Receptionist

Pastoral Care Team

Mia Robertson – Prep-Year 3 Wellbeing Coordinator
Karen Webster – Year 4-6 Wellbeing Coordinator

Junior School Child Protection Officers

Shona Diggines, Jon Broad, Mia Robertson

Middle and Senior School Staff

Brad Elliott – Head of Senior School
Loida Grinan-Paterson – Deputy Head of Senior School
Chris Spencer – Head of Middle School
Nico Prinsloo – Deputy Head of Middle School
David Hadley – Director of Student Wellbeing
Warwick Drew – Director of Academic Studies
Vikki Stanton – Director of Teaching and Learning

Heads of Department & Subject Co-ordinators

Therese Pringle – Science
Paul Truashiem – Maths
Katie Ludlow – English
Amie McDonald – Business
Michelle Gault – Humanities
Judi Allen-Ankins – Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)
Aaron Ford – Industrial Technology & Design
John Shuttleworth – Hospitality
Phil Rienecker – Agricultural Science
Tim Lanham – Sport
Hannah Bromage – Health & Physical Education
Kate Zischke – LOTE (Languages Other Than English)
Phil Smith – Performance & Instrumental Music
Tammy Easton– Learning Enrichment

Year Level Co-ordinators

Year 12 – Trisha Walkden & Tim Lanham
Year 11 – Kate Wearmouth & Chris Garrett
Year 10 – Amber Smith & Matt Power

Middle School Heads of House

Jakeb Lovejoy, Alana Gread-Power, Sami Caldwell, Kate Zischke


Judi Allen-Ankins, Hannah Bartle, Hannah Bromage, Samantha Caldwell,Garry Camplin,  Stephen Cooper, Makushla D’Costa, Meghan Ditchburn, Warwick Drew, Belinda Eracleous, Brian Evans, Maree Fitzsimon, Michelle Follett, Aaron Ford, William ForegeardChris Garrett, Michelle Gault, Alana Gread-Power, Loida Grinan-Paterson, David Hadley, Christopher Hawken, Sophie Higgins, Ashleigh Hoeksema, Samantha Hood, Vanessa Hooper, Janet Hudson, Angela Hunter,  Jennifer Keogh, Tim Lanham, Rani Law, Jakeb Lovejoy, Katie Ludlow, Amanda Lynch, Amie McDonald,  Thomas Noble, Tyler Peterson,Matthew Power, Therese Pringle, Nico Prinsloo, Phillip Rienecker, John Shuttleworth, Natasha Skinner, Janine Sparg, Amber Smith, Vikki Stanton, Paul Truasheim, Stephen Tyler, Matthew Vale, Sandra Wagner, Trisha Walkden, Nonie Ward, Kate Wearmouth, Lisa Wilson, Julian Winch, Courtney Wyche, Kate Zischke

Teacher Support Staff

Peter Simpson, Michelle Wapp, Amy Lester, Cherraine Allison, Don Pringle, Rachael Griggs, Debbie Griffith

Farm Operations Manager

Lauren Burchell

Learning Enrichment Centre

Head of Learning Enrichment: Tammy Easton
Teacher Support Staff: Brenda Black, Denise Foxley-Conolly, Anne Grant, Mavis Helyar, Donna Payne, Donna Frazer, Thirza Dizon, Elizabeth McDonald, Pam Holloway

VET Coordinator

Amie McDonald – Vocational Education


Chris Garrett – Careers & Pathways Coordinator, Jane Pocock – Careers Pathway Administration Assistant

Middle & Senior School Child Protection Officers

Brian Evans, Loida Grinan-Paterson, Chris Garrett, Makushla D’Costa

Gymnasium Coordinator

Kelly Wilson

Performance & Instrumental Music Staff

We provide enormous music, creative and performance opportunities for students of all ages at ̶Ƶwith many purpose-built sound studios for one on one tuition through to larger venues for rehearsals and performances. Our music pedigree is held in high regard and every few years, our orchestra participates in international eisteddfods.

The following staff teach Junior, Middle and Senior School students.

Instrumental Music Teachers

Brass – Nelson Oakley, Liam Smith
Guitar – Matthew Allan
Strings – Reese Corner
Piano – Deb Smith, Denis Feletto, Megan Schumann
Percussion –Liam Smith and Phil Smith (Head of Performance & Instrumental Music)
Woodwind – Craig Walton, Angela Phillips
Dolce Choir Director – Megan Schumann

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