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Explore one of the best Christian Private Schools on the Sunshine Coast

̶Ƶis a leading independent school on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, nestled in a sub-tropical sanctuary that enhances ̶Ƶ, community and reflection.

Here, we support the educational, character and spiritual development of children from as young as 15 months right through till when they start tertiary education, apprenticeships or working life. NCC is a medium-size private school (1220 students) and the only one on the Sunshine Coast to have separate precincts for early ̶Ƶ, Prep, lower Junior and upper Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. This ensures personalised attention and care. It takes us from wanting to give children the best opportunities to knowing what that means for each child.

At our College, academic and vocational excellence meets Christ-centred ̶Ƶ in a unique city to country environment, providing outstanding opportunities along with an outstanding education.

An NCC education opens minds, provides spiritual guidance and develops the unique gifts of each student. Since our inception in 1980, this enriching and holistic approach to education has seen our private school develop a respected reputation for achievement in all areas of academia, as well as arts and sports.

The curriculum at NCC is regularly reviewed to provide our students with new ̶Ƶ opportunities even from a young age, including science and languages. Many of our teachers have post-graduate degrees and a strong commitment to the Christian faith. We have extensive first-class facilities, and also offer outdoor education, STEM, hospitality, farming and animal husbandry, along with co-curricular activities ranging from music to sports to performing arts.

As student’s progress from Junior through to Middle and Senior School, our community supports them while they discover a lifelong love of ̶Ƶ, find their confidence and develop strength of character.

This is further enhanced through visits and connections with our sister school in the Gulf of Carpentaria and the outreach mission programs to the Pacific, Asia and Africa that all students have the opportunity to be part of.

Through this, our students become well-grounded, understand their place in the world and the rewards that come from contributing to the world.

At NCC families and their children benefit from having a quality and stable ̶Ƶ environment along with the peace of mind of knowing that the breadth and depth of our offerings means each of their children can discover their passion and purpose here.

By so doing, we provide children with solid security in their formative years, enabling them to form lifelong friendships.

In honouring tradition, faith and a commitment to excellence, NCC builds a strong foundation for the future of every student.

After their time with us, we believe each and every student will go on to lead a meaningful life and value what matters most.

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