Welcome to Nambour Christian College

Introducing a very special Sunshine Coast Christian School

As Principal of ̶Ƶsince 2018, it is my privilege to lead a school dedicated to providing exceptional education, a supportive Christian community and timeless foundations for life.

I hope this site helps you in your search for a school that offers what you aspire for your child, while also being aligned to the values you are teaching them.

The school has grown in many ways since it began in 1980 when 36 students and their courageous families launched a journey into Christian education on the Sunshine Coast. Today, that journey has led to a purposeful ̶Ƶ community that has graduated thousands of hopeful young people making a positive difference in their families and communities.

Our purpose and success lie in valuing what matters most. That impacts our educational philosophy and our understanding of what our parents, students, staff and community value about an education provider. It is the reason why families choose NCC.

NCC’s approach to education has three foundations; character development, scholarship and Christian community.

Firstly, we partner with parents to develop a student’s character, which we believe will ultimately determine their success in all areas of life. Christian virtues such as compassion, kindness, justice, mercy and humility establish habits which form a good life.

As for scholarship, we understand that the best ̶Ƶ occurs in an environment of high challenge and high care. NCC has a broad curriculum with core ̶Ƶ in literacy and numeracy adjacent to a vast array of specialised subjects. Our formal curriculum develops through recognised stages of the learner, from curious and knowledge-hungry childhood through critical thinking and new skills of adolescence and reasoned arguments and specialised problem solving of young adulthood.

At NCC, Christian community practices are very important because we know that everyone’s well-being and resilience is dependent on our connections with others. The school’s pastoral care program is broad with all teaching and other staff focused on building positive relationships to assist students’ emotional, social and spiritual growth, allowing students to feel safe to explore new ideas, skills and contributions to the world.

Choosing a school with which to partner for the growth of your child is one of the big decisions in life. I encourage you to find out as much as possible about the NCC community, and this very special Sunshine Coast Christian School.

I have been with NCC since 1988, originally as a Maths and Science teacher before taking on leadership roles. Together with my wife, we have two children – now young adults – who did all their schooling here and are now pursuing purposeful and challenging careers.

I am more excited than ever about our school community, NCC programs and how we can serve the common good. There is no place I’d rather be.

I look forward to meeting you when you visit our College.

Geoff van der Vliet
Executive Principal

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