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Unleash your potential on a Service Trip Adventure

Service trips are a signature attribute of Nambour Christian College.

Defined by an extensive array of Australian and international service programs, we offer students opportunities to meaningfully engage with communities in need, reinforcing our dedication to serve and assist others in rural communities, as well as third-world countries.

Available to students from Year 8, we offer Service trips to three countries, Sister school placements to five countries, and Language Immersion trips to two countries.

Benefits of Service Trips

By participating in service trips, students gain valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of assisting others, providing them with a Christian worldview grounded in practical experiences.

At NCC, your child will have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, locally and internationally. They will learn to demonstrate Christ’s love, develop empathy and compassion, and recognise their responsibility to be good human beings.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these programs and other initiatives highlighting our commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and providing life-changing opportunities for our students.

Explore our Service Trips

Service trips provide unmatched ̶Ƶ and growth opportunities for students. Few school activities rival the personal development and acquisition of life skills achieved in such a brief timeframe.

With our services, trips students, through their own endeavours, will gain:

  • Cultural exchange and appreciation
  • International service experience
  • Manual labour and work experience
  • Real-world travel experience
  • Day-to-day organisation and life skills
  • Friendship and connection with NCC and the destination community
  • Sightseeing and memories to last a lifetime
  • Cultivation of gratitude for the privileges in their lives
Fiji – Year 8

This trip is held during the June/July school holidays for approximately 10 days. The team travels to St Christophers’ Home – an orphanage in Nakasi Fiji – to assist the community in projects and service the needs of the children in the village, including providing lessons at the local Bainivalu Primary School.

In 2023, 31 Year 8 students and five staff went to Fiji. Students served in the home in various capacities, including cooking, cleaning, organising supplies, building, gardening, and picking up rubbish – all aimed at improving the living environment for children. They also cared for the children. Through fundraising prior to the trip, they managed to secure essential funds for necessary resources and support to ensure these children can thrive.

The local school interactions provided valuable educational experiences to the local children while also providing NCC students with a deeper understanding of Fijian culture and the challenges faced by the local youth.

In embracing Fijian cultural experiences, the group was profoundly impacted by the Fijian people’s love, joy, and resilience. They recognised that happiness extended beyond material possessions and that true fulfilment lay in connecting with others, serving God and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

One student, Adelaide, expressed the depth of this experience, saying, “We came here to help the people and do jobs, and we did that. But at the end of the day, we needed them more than they needed us. If we didn’t come here, we wouldn’t have changed.”

India – Years 10-12

Our first trip to India was in 2018 when NCC decided to join with the Australian charity, Neighbours Aid, to assist individuals, projects and communities by providing tools and resources.

This trip is held every two years in the December school holidays and is available to Senior School students. For two weeks, the team engages in projects to support educational opportunities for children living in poorer areas of Kolkata as well as vocational training projects for young people. They also visit places of history and culture in Delhi and Agra including the Taj Mahal.

Malawi – Years 10-12

Since 2011, NCC has visited Malawi five times with approximately 100 students experiencing this unique country and culture in that time. This trip is offered every two years in the June/July school holidays and is available to Senior School students. The team travel to schools in one of the poorest, most desolate regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

They work in the primary classrooms with science, art and music activities, conduct English lessons with the secondary students and assist with maintenance or building projects. While in Africa, students also visit a Game Park, getting up close to many amazing animals and birdlife.

Fiji – Year 12

Since 1998, when the first NCC’s Senior Students visited Fiji, the school has visited annually. This two-week trip is available to Year 12 students during June/July school holidays. The team travel to one of three of villages – Tavua, Sigatoka Valley, and Nadi – on the main island of Viti Levu.

There, they share the Gospel message with schools, churches and local communities through creative and performing arts activities. In 2023, we had 19 students on this Service Trip.

These trips have been made possible due to Pastor and Church Elder networking with the Living Waters AOG Church at Tavua, our home church in Fiji. This church was constructed with the assistance of many NCC staff and over 500 hundred NCC students over several years.

The experiences and influences of these trips have touched many lives and changed many hearts in this time.

Each year, many of our Fijian friends are brought to a deeper personal understanding of God’s love and plan of redemption through our students’ ministry and performances.  Throughout the trip, students experience life-changing ministry and are often challenged about their own Christian journey and priorities in life.

Far North Queensland

Commencing in 2010, a group of Year 9 students have had the opportunity to spend a week at Gulf Christian College, a remote, primarily indigenous school in Queensland’s Gulf Country.

NCC students assist with the annual fundraising for the GCC students at the Normanton Rodeo, spend time in the classrooms and work on projects around the school grounds.

Students are encouraged to interact with both GCC students and the local community. They gain a better understanding and appreciation of indigenous culture and life in a remote community.

St George – Years 10 and 11

The St George Service Trip is an annual trip and commenced in 2020. Partnering with the local church and NCC Early Learners, St George, students engage in practical community service. The main activity is running a holiday program for school students and other activites such as gardening and tidying up at local facilities.  During the trip, students are also about to check out farm life in the outback and other adventures.

Experience our Sister Schools

Our international trips and Sister School experiences are part of the lifeblood of NCC, adding immensely to the culture and ̶Ƶ environment of NCC well after students have returned.

Students share their experiences with their families at a post trip event and with the wider College at assemblies. They provide testimonials of their time, share photos and videos, perform songs or dances they may have learned at Chapel and end of year events.

Their ̶Ƶs and the impact of these trips are featured in our Yearbooks, Harvest Weekly newsletter and our on our social media accounts, inspiring others and cultivating the gift of giving and blessing others.


NCC has formal and informal school arrangements in place with various schools in Japan since 2000.

As part of this, between 20 and 60 Japanese students attend NCC for three weeks in March each year. Our Japanese visitors benefit from both the cultural experience and the chance to improve their competency in English, while our students also have the opportunity to further their Japanese, which is taught in middle school at NCC.

NCC staff and students visit the schools in Japan on a biennial basis during our June/July holidays, staying with Japanese families associated with our partner schools. This has given NCC students a wonderful insight into the culture and lifestyle of the country.

Our 2024 Japan Trip will see 39 NCC students spend:

  • 7 nights in Tokyo with a homestay
  • 2 nights in Hiroshima
  • 4 nights in Kyoto

They will travel on bullet trains and explore Japan’s historical and cultural sights.

South Korea

Since September 2000, when NCC entered into the sister school agreement with the Kyung Hwa Girls Middle & High School in South Korea, students from both schools have shared many beneficial experiences.

As part of an Exchange Program, Year 10 students from NCC have the opportunity to attend Kyung Hwa for up to 12 months, and likewise, NCC annually hosts up to five Year 10 students from our sister school in South Korea.


NCC and the Metachanupatham Christian School entered into a sister school agreement in January 2007 at Phetchabun, Thailand – a school that our College helped establish in 2003. Our students and staff have financially supported the children’s homes in Thailand (run by Mercy International) since then with Thai teachers coming to NCC every few years for training in our educational practices.

Today, the school has 1500 primary and secondary students with beautiful buildings and grounds, all through donations of finances and labour. NCC assists the teachers in Thailand with resources and professional development activities and our Junior School students communicating with their students via the Internet.

In December, every two years, a team of NCC staff and approximately 15 students visit our Thai sister school and assist with projects at the Mercy International children’s homes in Phetchabun, Khon Kaen and Phrae. The NCC students can see the kitchen and amenities building at Phrae, constructed with $25,000 donated by NCC staff in 2006.

New Caledonia

While not a sister school, trips to New Caledonia are offered as part of our French Immersion program.

Each September school holidays Middle School students can travel to Noumea, the capital of the South Pacific archipelago and overseas French territory New Caledonia, approximately two hours flight from Brisbane.

This eight-night trip enables our students to speak French full-time, learn more about the history and culture of New Caledonia, and visit local schools.

Music Tour

The College’s first trip to Hawaii in 2013 was to introduce instrumental students to an international forum. Following this highly successful venture, the second trip was the Rhapsody Rotorua, New Zealand in 2016 with the intention for an instrumental trip to occur every three years, followed by Singapore in 2019 and Cairns in 2022. The 2026 trip will be held in Singapore.

Calendar of International / Service Opportunities

It is our hope that all students who attend ̶Ƶwill be able to go on at least one international trip during their time with us.

Term 1 Holidays
Term 2FNQ: Year 9FNQ: Year 9
Term 2 HolidaysFiji: Year 8
Japan: Years 7-9
Fiji: Year 12
Fiji: Year 8
Malawi: Years 10-12
Fiji: Year 12
Music Trip to Singapore
Term 3 HolidaysNew Caledonia: Years 7-9New Caledonia: Years 7-9
Term 4 HolidaysIndia: Years 10-12Thailand: Years 10-12
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